Political: Constituency: Oldham [Lancashire].

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Date: 1900 - 1905


This class of papers covers WSC's time as Conservative MP for Oldham (1900 - 1906). The papers contain correspondence with local Conservative Association officers discussing constituency affairs. There are also large numbers of letters from constituents and local institutions asking WSC for his support and patronage.

Oldham was WSC's first parliamentary seat and the papers include letters of congratulation from many of the prominent figures of the day (see CHAR 3/1). The single issue that dominated this phase of WSC's career was his breach with the local and national Conservative party over his support for Free Trade. Other national topics which are represented in these papers include education, the Licensing Bill and Trade Union law.

WSC ceased to be the official Conservative party candidate in Jan 1904 following a vote of no confidence by the local association. He remained as MP for Oldham until Jan 1906 when he successfully contested Manchester North West for the Liberal Party.




Related material

Churchill Archives Centre also a collection of "Other Deposited Collections Relating to Sir Winston Churchill" which includes correspondence between WSC and Samuel Smethurst, Vice-Chairman of Oldham Conservative Association. See catalogue description for further details.

Contained records

Reference Record Date
CHAR 3/1 Political: Constituency: Oldham [Lancashire]: correspondence. 12 Apr 1900 - 17 Dec 1901
CHAR 3/2 Political: Constituency: Oldham [Lancashire]: correspondence. 28 Jan 1902 - 04 Dec 1902
CHAR 3/3 Political: Constituency: Oldham [Lancashire]: correspondence and newspaper cuttings relating to WSC's attitude towards changes to Trade Union Law. 03 May 1902 - 31 Jan 1903
CHAR 3/4 Political: Constituency: Oldham [Lancashire]: correspondence. 12 Feb 1903 - 25 Aug 1903
CHAR 3/5 Political: Constituency: Oldham [Lancashire]: Correspondence. 08 Jul 1903 - 30 Dec 1903
CHAR 3/6 Political: Constituency: Oldham [Lancashire]: Correspondence and newspaper cuttings relating to the Trades Disputes Bill. 22 Apr 1903 - 22 May 1903
CHAR 3/7 Political: Constituency: Oldham [Lancashire]: Correspondence. 03 Jan 1904 - 27 Mar 1904
CHAR 3/8 Political: Constituency: Oldham [Lancashire]: correspondence. 01 Apr 1904 - 09 Dec 1904
CHAR 3/9 Political: Constituency: Oldham [Lancashire]: correspondence. 05 Jan 1905 - 27 Oct 1905