Political: Constituency: Dundee: General Election.

Reference code: CHAR 5/28A-B

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Date: 03 Oct 1922 - 14 Nov 1922


Correspondence with J C Robertson (President, Dundee Liberal Association, see CHAR 5/28A/20-30); James Allison (Liberal Agent); D J MacDonald (fellow Liberal candidate); Sir Alfred Mond (later Lord Melchett) (2) and others on the General Election campaign. Subjects include Ireland; the Government's Eastern policy; taxation; unemployment and Temperance.





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CHAR 5/28A/20-30 Copy of a letter from WSC to J C Robertson [President, Dundee Liberal Association to be read out on WSC's behalf to electors] on subjects including: criticism of the Conservative government; the position of the House of Commons with 4 Secretaries of State in the House of Lords; his hope to be adopted as their parliamentary candidate as a "Liberal and a Free Trader"; socialism; commitments in Mesopotamia [Iraq] and Palestine and WSC's responsibility for reducing expenditure; his pride in his involvement with the Irish Treaty Settlement and hopes that Ulster will "render in her own way and at her own time an enormous service to the British empire"; and his pride in policies which have prevented the Turks starting another war in Europe; loyalty to David Lloyd George; and an appeal for the Liberal Association of Dundee to select and support him. Carbon typescript. 27 Oct 1922