Political: Constituency, Epping [Essex]: Crisis, etc: correspondence.

Reference code: CHAR 7/107A-B

Part of: CHAR 7
Previous record: CHAR 7/106A-B

Date: 11 Sep 1938 - 08 Dec 1938


Subjects include: local feeling against appeasement; local feeling against war; the publishing of "Mein Kampf" in the Times; local disapproval of WSC's criticism of Neville Chamberlain; the inadequacy of local evacuation arrangements; local support for the Spanish Republic.

Also includes: a cutting from the Sunday Express, "Where were the guns?" on Britain's unpreparedness for war; cutting from the Times (July 1933), with an extract from ["Mein Kampf"] on Aryan Theory; a set of petitions against the granting of belligerent rights to General Franco.



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