Political: Constituency, Epping [Essex]: correspondence I-P.

Reference code: CHAR 7/13A-B

Part of: CHAR 7
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Date: Jan 1934 - Dec 1934


Correspondents include: Sir James Hawkey, Vice-Chairman of Epping Division Conservative Association (5); Neville Chamberlain [Chancellor of the Exchequer] on duty due on motor tricycles; Charles McCurdy introducing WSC to a speaker; John Maitland inviting WSC to the Loughton [Essex] Cricket Club Annual Dinner; Roy Harrod on monetary reform (2).

Other subjects include: regulating journalism; providing a post office for Wanstead [Essex]; medical provision; birth control; immigration and employment queries from constituents; the League of Nations; civil liberties; a charitable donation by WSC; Indian affairs; licensing laws; brewing; teacher's pay; the Shops Bill; tithes; school matters; town planning; restricting medicines; ground rent in Regent Street [London]; general constituency business.




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