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Date: 01 Jan 1902 - 31 Dec 1902


Correspondence on books and articles, including "Savrola"; Sir Archibald Hunter on a new edition of "The River War"; Joseph Chamberlain (2), Lord Roberts, Lady Dufferin, Lord James of Hereford (4) and Ernest Beckett on Lord Randolph Churchill's letters.

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CHAR 8/16/5 Letter from Joseph Chamberlain [Secretary of State for the Colonies] (Highbury, Moor Green, Birmingham [Warwickshire]) to WSC, promising to look for any letters which he might have from Lord Randolph Churchill. Chamberlain also comments on a position [? in one of the colonies] which "the Duke" [? WSC's cousin, 9th Duke of Marlborough] might be suitable for. He explains that he had been waiting to see what the Commonwealth Parliament would give as a salary, adding that at present they were allowing ú10,000, from which ú5,000 would be needed in expenses, leaving only ú5,000 to pay for an expedition which could cost anything from ú15,000 to ú25,000. Chamberlain comments that if the Parliament stuck to this then he would not ask anyone of any social position to take the post, as it would be more suitable for an ex-official who would just perform the official duties and live on his salary. 03 Sep 1902
CHAR 8/16/6 Letter from Joseph Chamberlain [Secretary of State for the Colonies] (Highbury, Moor Green, Birmingham [Warwickshire]) to WSC, informing him that he was sending him a packet of letters from Lord Randolph Churchill. Chamberlain explains that because of the letters' age the subject matter wouldn't be very clear, without comparing them with his own side of the correspondence, especially given the frequent meetings which he and Lord Randolph had had at the time. He hopes that they would still be useful, however, and asks WSC to return them as soon as he had taken any copies which he might need. 15 Sep 1902