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Date: 01 Jan 1904 - 31 Dec 1904


Correspondence on books and articles: Correspondents include: Lord Goschen, Arthur Balfour; Joseph Chamberlain (2); Sir Michael Hicks-Beach (later Lord St Aldwyn) (3); St John Brodrick (later Lord Midleton); John Morley; Lord Roberts; and Wilfred Scawen Blunt (4) on his biography of Lord Randolph Churchill; Sir Francis Mowatt (2); A M S Methuen, on the possibility of Methuen & Co. publishing "Life of Lord Randolph Churchill".



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CHAR 8/19/28 Letter from Joseph Chamberlain [Secretary of State for the Colonies] (Highbury, Moor Green, Birmingham [Warwickshire]) to WSC, explaining that he would not be in London again for some time, and suggesting that WSC might come up to Birmingham. He puts forward some possible dates when they could meet and discuss [Lord Randolph Churchill's] letters. 16 Sep 1902
CHAR 8/19/33 Letter from Joseph Chamberlain [Secretary of State for the Colonies] (Highbury, Moor Green, Birmingham [Warwickshire]) to WSC, on publication of [Lord Randolph Churchill's] letters to him. He states that he doesn't think there would be anything in them that he could object to, but adds that he had perhaps better see them again in the light of a recent conversation with WSC, and also following a legal opinion from [? John] Morley. Chamberlain also says how glad he was that WSC had come to talk the matter over with him, as it revived pleasant memories of Lord Randolph. He hopes that WSC's biography of his father would be a success, and remarks that WSC had better keep the present Government in until after the book was published, as the public could not cope with two sensations at once. 29 Sep 1904