Literary: The World Crisis, Volume 1.

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Date: 01 Apr 1923 - 05 Oct 1923


Letters of thanks and congratulation: Correspondents include : Louis Loucheur; George Lambert; H H Asquith (later Lord Oxford and Asquith); Philip Tilden; Admiral of the Fleet Lord Beatty; Lord Esher; C P Scott; Lord Rosebery; W Graham Greene; Lord Carson; General Sir Ian Hamilton; Lord Weir; Lord Long; Elutherios Venizelos; Sir Laming Worthington Evans; Lord Stamfordham (on behalf of King George V); Margot Asquith (later Lady Oxford and Asquith); 1st Lord Rothermere [earlier Sir Harold Harmsworth]; James Headlam-Morley; Austen Chamberlain; William Tyrrell; Lord Ypres (formerly Sir John French); Jan Smuts and Charles Darling.



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CHAR 8/46/48-49 Letter from [Joseph] Austen Chamberlain (Vernet-les-Bains, Pyrenees Orientales [France]) to WSC, apologising for his seeming rudeness and explaining that he had only learned that day that WSC was sending him a copy of his book [Volume 1 of "The World Crisis"]. Chamberlain adds that he had brought a copy with him anyway and had greatly enjoyed it, complimenting WSC on his style, describing the opening chapters as perfect and particularly admiring WSC's account of the German raid on Scarborough [Yorkshire]. He also states that WSC's treatment of the fighting at Antwerp [Belgium] had taught him a great deal, and in his view vindicated WSC's actions there, also congratulating WSC on his portraits of Admiral of the Fleet 1st Lord Fisher, and in particular, Admiral of the Fleet Sir Arthur Wilson. Chamberlain adds that his one criticism was on WSC's account of Coromandel [? India], but only mentioned that to relieve his praise for the rest of the book. He ends by saying that he would be delighted to have another copy as a gift and asks WSC to sign it. 18 May 1923