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Date: 27 Jun 1932 - 14 Dec 1932


Typescript draft of WSC's speech (27 June), entitled "India" on 11th Lord Lothian [earlier Philip Kerr, Chairman, Indian Franchise Committee]'s scheme for enfranchising the Indian population. Published: Complete Speeches V pp 5186 - 5189.

Speech notes for WSC's speech (11 July), entitled "Reparations Abandoned" on the War Loan Conversion, the worsening economic situation, the need for international economic co-operation, the Lausanne Treaty, the ending of German reparations and the treatment of other war debts, and the Ottawa Conference. Also includes a press cutting from the Times reporting WSC's speech. Published: Complete Speeches V pp 5193 - 5195.

Speech notes for WSC's speech (July) on modifications to the Anglo-Irish Treaty, including the Statute of Westminster, and British dealings with Eamon De Valera [President of the Executive Council, Irish Free State, and Minister for External Affairs].

Speech notes and typescript for WSC's speech (14 December), entitled "War Debts and Reparations" on the hardening of opinion in the United States about war debts, the payment of the British debt to the United States, France's debts, relations with France and Germany and the failure of the Lausanne Treaty. Published: Complete Speeches V pp 5207 - 5216.





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