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Date: 16 Feb 1933 - 07 Nov 1933


Notes for WSC's speech (22 February) entitled "Broadcasting and political controversy" on the reporting of political affairs and the BBC. Source material includes minutes of a meeting of the Doran Committee on the BBC. Published: Complete Speeches V pp 5221-4.

Rough notes for WSC's speech (14 March) on air estimates, criticising the disarmament conference at Geneva [Switzerland] and arguing for a strong British air force. Published: Complete Speeches V pp 5229-34.

Notes for WSC's speech (22 March) entitled "Thank God for the French army" arguing against French disarmament. Published: Complete Speeches V pp 5234-41.

Notes for WSC's speech (13 April) on foreign policy and German rearmament. Source material includes correspondence from Rene Joly, and Major Desmond Morton on an article appearing in La Liberale Suisse. Published: Complete Speeches V pp 5260-6.

Notes for WSC's speech (10 July) on monetary policy, the United States economy and the Gold Standard. Published: Complete Speeches V pp 5280-7.

Notes for WSC's speech (7 November) entitled "Germany and the League", defending the Treaty of Versailles and warning against German rearmament. Published: Complete Speeches V pp 5296-9.






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