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Date: 13 Jun 1934 - Dec 1934


Notes for WSC's speech (13 June) on the Committee of Privileges' report into allegations concerning the Secretary of State for India [Sir Samuel Hoare, later 1st Lord Templewood] and 17th Lord Derby [Member of the Joint Select Committee on the Indian Constitution]. Also includes copies of Hansard containing speech. Published: Complete Speeches V pp 5359-73.

Brief notes for WSC's speech (13 July) on the League of Nations and disarmament. Published: Complete Speeches V pp 5377-81.

Notes for WSC's speech (30 July) entitled "Germany approaching air parity with Britain", supporting the Government against a motion of censure. Source material includes figures on the relative air strength of various nations. Published: Complete Speeches V pp 5382-9.

Notes for WSC's speech (28 November) entitled "The German air menace" on German air power and its threat to British cities. Source material includes an analysis of German air plans [by Desmond Morton] and a cutting on German military strength. Also includes list of those supporting WSC's amendment to the King's Speech; notes on Lord President of the Council's [Stanley Baldwin] response; copy of "Friends of Europe" pamphlet on "German rearmament" containing the speeches from the debate. Published: Complete Speeches V pp 5440-9.






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Physical: 2 bound files (233 folios) and 1 file containing a copy of Hansard for 13 June.
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