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Date: 02 Mar 1935 - 12 Nov 1935


Notes for WSC's speech (21 March, Albert Hall, London, India Defence League Demonstration) entitled "Dead as Mutton" on the Government of India bill and his misgivings about the National Government. Part published: Complete Speeches V pp 5557-8.

Notes for WSC's speech (26 September, City Carlton Club Luncheon, London) on German rearmament, Italian designs in Abyssinia [Ethiopia], and the League of Nations. Also includes: letter of support from Sir Austen Chamberlain. Published: Complete Speeches VI pp 5672-4.

Cutting from the Morning Post, reporting WSC's speech (3 October, Bournemouth [Hampshire], Conservative Party Conference) on strengthening Britain's defences, particularly in the air and sea, as well as other matters discussed at the Conference.

Notes for WSC's speech (8 October, Chingford and Waltham Abbey [Essex]) on support for the League of Nations over Italy's invasion of Abyssinia. Published: Complete Speeches VI pp 5674-8.

Notes for WSC's speech (17 October, Grosvenor House, London, Navy League Trafalgar Day Dinner) proposing the toast to "The Fighting Services", on British sea power, particularly in the Mediterranean. Published: Complete Speeches VI pp 5678-9.

Notes for WSC's speech (?29 October, Woodford [Essex]) on Conservatives supporting the National Government at the general election, political broadcasts, and German rearmament. Part published: Complete Speeches VI pp 5687-8.

Notes for WSC's speech (1 November, Camberwell [London]) on foreign policy, defence and German rearmament.

Notes and press cuttings for some of WSC's election speeches (1 November, Paddington [London]; 2 November, Harlow [Essex]; 5 November, Hull [Yorkshire]; 9 November, Biggleswade [Bedfordshire]; 12 November, Sun Hall, Liverpool) on general affairs, including the Labour Party and its attitude to the Empire, social reform, the League of Nations, the southward drift of industry, and defence.

Also includes miscellaneous constituency notes.






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