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Date: 18 Dec 1935 - 10 Mar 1936


Brief notes for an unused speech by WSC on the Lancashire Cotton Industry. Source material includes: correspondence from James Watts (enclosing the text of a speech by him), William Wiggins, President of the Federation of Master Cotton Spinners' Association Limited, the clerks of several Lancashire councils, and MPs opposing the bill; "Some thoughts on the Cotton Bill" by Watts; "The Case Against the Measure" and other material from the Cotton Spinning Industry Bill Opposition Committee; criticism by W S Ascoli; cuttings from the Manchester Guardian; copies of material associated with the bill.

Notes for an ?unused speech by WSC on oil sanctions against Italy over its invasion of Abyssinia [Ethiopia].

Notes for WSC's speech (10 March) on defence, German rearmament, and the need for industry to be prepared for war production. Published: Complete Speeches VI pp 5698-704.





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