Speeches: House of Commons: speech notes and source material.

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Date: 28 Jul 1936 - 10 Dec 1936


Notes for WSC's speeches (28 and 29 July, Secret Defence Deputation to the Prime Minister [Stanley Baldwin]) on the relative strengths of the British and German air forces, the war making capacity of British and German industry, British air training facilities, and German power to bomb British cities.

Notes for WSC's speech (5 November) on supporting the League of Nations, collective security, and policy towards Germany and Italy. Published: Complete Speeches VI pp 5800-4.

Notes for WSC's speech (12 November) entitled "The locust years" on deficiencies in Britain's defences with regard to the territorial army, the regular army, the RAF, the tank corps, and on the need for a Ministry of Supply. Source material includes press cuttings, including one from October 1935 on Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin's efforts for peace in Europe; note on 1st Lord Lloyd [of Dolobran] on naval reductions; note by Desmond Morton. Published: Complete Speeches VI pp 5805-13.

Brief rough notes and copies of the Public Order Bill.

Notes for WSC's speeches (7 and 10 December) on King Edward VIII's [earlier the Prince of Wales, later the Duke of Windsor] abdication. Published: Complete Speeches VI pp 5820-2.






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