Speeches: House of Commons: speech notes and source material.

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Date: 05 May 1938 - 25 May 1938


Notes for WSC's speech (5 May) on the Eire bill, Britain abandoning rights it had under the 1921 Treaty, and the role of [Eamon] De Valera [Prime Minister of Ireland]. Also includes relevant extract from Hansard. Published: Complete Speeches VI pp 5948-55.

Notes for WSC's speech (25 May) entitled "A private execution" on the replacement of 1st Lord Swinton [earlier Sir Philip Cunliffe-Lister and Sir Philip Lloyd-Greame] as Secretary of State for Air, the state of air defence, and setting up a Ministry of Supply. Source material includes: correspondence on matters concerning the state of the RAF from individuals including Commander Charles Anderson (3), Sir Henry Strakosch, Robert Boothby, and Hugh Molson; press cuttings, including articles by Edward Spears and John Cecil-Wright; a memorandum by Swinton to accompany 1938 air estimates; ?a list of those supporting WSC in the debate; copies of Hansard for 17 March, 12, 18, and 19 May; copy of draft minutes of an RAF armament conference. Also includes relevant extract from Hansard for WSC's speech. Published: Complete Speeches VI pp 5967-75.






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