Speeches: speech notes and source material.

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Date: 28 Oct 1938 - 11 Dec 1938


Notes for WSC's speech (25 November, Harlow [Essex]) on his position as constituency MP, British rearmament, and the international situation. Source material includes a letter on local opposition to WSC. Also includes a photograph of a painting of Lord Randolph Churchill and a cutting from the Times reporting WSC's speech [see also CHAR 9/130C for further notes for the speech]. Part published: Complete Speeches VI pp 6039-41.

Notes for WSC's toast to the Duke of Kent (?28 October, [Merchant Taylor's Hall, Walthamstow, Essex] Connaught Hospital [Diamond Jubilee Festival] Dinner) in praise of the royal family. Part published: Complete Speeches VI pp 6017-8.

Press statement by WSC (6 November) replying to [Adolf] Hitler's attack on him as a warmonger. Source material includes extracts from Hitler's speech. Published: Complete Speeches VI pp 6018-9.

Notes for WSC's speech (9 December, Royal Forest Hotel, Chingford [Essex, constituency meeting]) on local opposition to WSC's views, co-operation with the United States, various aspects of foreign policy, the national register of service, and calling for an all-embracing National Government. Also includes a cutting from a local paper and the Times reporting WSC's speech. Part published: Complete Speeches VI pp 6046-9.

Notes for WSC's speech (11 December, Chingford, League of Nations Union meeting) entitled "A year of disaster and humiliation" on the appeasement of Germany over Czechoslovakia, and other aspects of foreign policy, including Italy and Spain. Part published: Complete Speeches VI pp 6049-50.





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