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Date: 09 Oct 1940 - 24 Dec 1940


Notes for WSC's speech (9 October, [Caxton Hall, London]) on his leadership of the Conservative Party and the retirement of Neville Chamberlain. Published: Complete Speeches VI, pp 6294-6.

Notes for WSC's broadcast (21 October, BBC) to the people of France entitled "Dieu protege la France". Also includes French translation of WSC's broadcast. Published: Complete Speeches VI, pp 6296-8.

Notes for WSC's speech (9 November, Mansion House [London]) entitled "A long road to tread" on the illness of Neville Chamberlain, the strength of London, the re-election of President Roosevelt, munitions and the opposition of Greece to Benito Mussolini. Also includes various press cuttings reporting WSC's speech. Published: Complete Speeches VI, pp 6304-6.

Note on WSC's speech (18 December, Harrow School [Middlesex]) on the influence of Harrow songs on him, and a statement by Adolf Hitler on Eton school [Buckinghamshire]. Published: Complete Speeches VI, pp 6315-6.

Notes for WSC's broadcast (23 December, BBC) to Italy on Mussolini and British-Italian relations in the past. Also includes Italian translation of WSC's broadcast and various press cuttings reporting it. Published: Complete Speeches VI, pp 6322-5.

For further material for some of the above speeches see CHAR 9/176.






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CHAR 9/145/1-6 Typescript speaking notes for WSC's speech ([Caxton Hall, London]) on: his leadership of the Conservative Party; the retirement of Neville Chamberlain; his friendship with Chamberlain and admiration for him; his decision to accept the position as Leader; his belief in "the maintenance of the enduring greatness of Britain and her Empire, and the historic continuity of our Island life." 09 Oct 1940