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Date: 11 Mar 1942 - 02 Jul 1942


Annotated typescript of statement on the political and military situation in India, and the decision to send the Cripps Mission, with cutting from "Hansard", 11 Mar 1942 Published Complete Speeches VI, pp.6601-6603.

Extract from "Hansard", announcing the appointment of Richard Casey as Minister of State in the Middle East, 19 Mar 1942.

Typescript notes of statement on Army Officer's (Captain Randolph Churchill's) letter to the press, with cutting from "Hansard", 23 Mar 1942.

Cutting from "Hansard" statement on the War Situation in the Far East, including India, Naval losses (HMS "Dorsetshire" and "Cornwall", Malaya [later Malaysia] and Singapore, and the appointment of Lord Louis Mountbatten (later Lord Mountbatten of Burma) as Chief of Combined Operations, 13 April 1942. Published Complete Speeches VI, pp.6608-11.

Typescript notes (with extensive handwritten annotations by WSC and John Martin) of "Secret Session" speech on the War Situation, 23 Apr 1942 [three copies, including "blank verse" speaking notes Published Complete Speeches VI, pp.6611-27.

Cutting from "Hansard", statement on the French surrender in Madagascar, 7 May 1942 Published Complete Speeches VI, p.6628.

Cutting from "Hansard", statement on the War in Libya, and mass RAF bombing raids on Germany Published Complete Speeches VI, pp.6637-41.

Cutting from "Hansard", statement by WSC on General Sir Claud Auchinleck's decision to assume personal command of the 8th Army in Eyypt, in succession to Lt-Gen Ritchie Published Complete Speeches VI, p.6644.

Typescript speaking notes for speech winding up debate on the Central Direction of the War, and the Campaign in North Africa, with extract from Hansard, 2 July 1942.

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