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Date: 15 Jan 1942 - 10 May 1942


Typescript of speech to Bermuda House of Assemby, 15 Jan 1942 Published Complete Speeches VI, pp.6549-51 under the title "No Longer Alone".

Typescript speaking notes [with handwritten anotations by WSC], with cutting from "The Listener" for BBC broadcast on the War Situation, 15 Feb 1942. Mainly on the fall of Singapore and the entry of the United States into the War, also on the Russian Front Published Complete Speeches VI, pp.6583-87 under the title "The Fall of Singapore".

Typescript, with press cutttings of speech to Free Austrians, 18 Feb 1942, at 10 Downing Street, on the presentation of a trailer canteen to the Women's Voluntary Service, on behalf of Austrians in Britain Published Complete Speeches VI, p.6593.

Typescript speaking notes [with handwritten annotations by WSC and others], with press cuttings on speech on the War Situation to Conservative Party Central Council Meeting, Caxton Hall, London, 26 Mar 1942 Published Complete Speeches VI, pp.6604-07, under the title "A Very Hard War".

Typescript and press cutting for address to Free Danes, 10 Downing Street, 9 Apr 1942, on the presentation of 38,3000 pounds for fighter aircraft Published Complete Speeches VI, pp.6607-8.

Typescript speaking notes [with handwritten annotations by WSC], with extract from "The Listener", for BBC broadcast on the War Situation, 10 May 1942. On the second anniversary of WSC's appointment as Prime Minister. Subjects covered include the Far East, the Russian Front, and the Mediterranean Published Complete Speeches VI, pp.6629-35.

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