Speeches: Non House of Commons.

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Date: 13 Feb 1945 - 13 May 1945


Typescript of speech to officers and crew of the s.s. Franconia, following Yalta Conference, 13 Feb 1945.

Typescript of speech on the future of Greece, Constitution Square, Athens, 14 Feb 1945, with text of speech by Archbishop-Regent Damaskinos Published Complete Speeches VII, pp.7106-07.

Typescript speaking notes for speech to National Union of Conservative and Unionist Associations, [mainly on prospect of General Election], Central Hall, Westminster, 15 Mar 1945 Published Complete Speeches VII, pp.7128-7135.

Typescript speaking notes [with handwritten annotations by WSC] for Victory in Europe Broadcast, 8 May 1945 Published Complete Speeches VII, pp.7152-54.

Typescript speaking notes for Review of the War, BBC broadcast, 13 May 1945 Published Complete Speeches VII, pp.7157-63 under the title "Forward, till the whole task is done".

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