Speeches: Non House of Commons: Speech notes, typescript and press cuttings.

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Date: 05 Jun 1915 - [Aug] [1915]


Speech notes and typescript for WSC's speech (5 June, Dundee [Scotland]) explaining his actions as First Lord on his departure from the Admiralty, on the Dardanelles Campaign, and on the need to sustain the war effort. Also includes: a press cutting from the Times reporting the speech. Published: Complete Speeches III pp 2378 - 2384.

Speech notes [? July-August 1915] on the first year of the war, the need to stay optimistic, the failure of the German submarine blockade and the power of the Navy.

Speech notes [? August 1915] on the progress of the war and Germany's attack on Russia.

Also includes: a press cutting from the [1940's].





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