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Date: 16 Oct 1920 - 13 Nov 1923


Speech notes and draft typescript for WSC's speech (16 October 1920, King's Theatre, Dundee, Scotland) on the tyranny of Bolshevism, the Socialist delegation to Russia, Herbert Asquith [later 1st Lord Oxford and Asquith, Leader of the Liberal Party]'s policy on Ireland and the need for firm action in Ireland. Published: Complete Speeches III pp 3018 - 3024.

Speech notes and typescript for WSC's speech (4 November 1920, United Wards Club Luncheon, Cannon Street Hotel, London), entitled "Bolshevism and Imperial Sedition" on Anglo-United States friendship, the international tendency against Bolshevism, strikes and the Labour Party, the breakdown of Russia and Bolshevist conspiracies against Britain. Also includes: a letter from Fred Miller, Assistant Editor, Daily Telegraph. Published: Complete Speeches III pp 3024 - 3026 (part).

Speech notes for WSC's speech (13 November 1923, Coal Trade Benevolent Association dinner, Guildhall, London), entitled "The Houses of Parliament" on the role of both houses, and defending them against Bolshevism and Fascism. Published: Complete Speeches IV pp 3394 - 3395.

Speech notes for WSC's speech [? 1922] on the setting up of Arab government in the Middle East, the Turks acting as a counterweight to the Russians, and Moslem loyalty to the Empire.

Speech notes for WSC's speech [?1919 - 1921] on the Army Council and improved conditions for soldiers.






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