Speeches: House of Commons: Speech notes, source material and Hansard.

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Date: 13 Jun 1921 - 15 Dec 1921


Speech notes for WSC's statement (14 June) on policy in the Middle East, particularly Palestine and Mesopotamia [later Iraq], the formation of the Middle Eastern department, troops in the Middle East, the hand-over to an Arab government and army in Mesopotamia, the situation in Kurdistan and Jewish colonies in Palestine and Transjordan [later Jordan]. Source material includes Colonial Office notes on WSC's statement. Published: Complete Speeches III pp 3095 - 3111.

A copy of Hansard (15 December), including WSC's statement on the Irish Free State. Published: Complete Speeches III pp 3146 - 3156.

A copy of the Times (15 June) reporting WSC's statement on the Middle East.





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