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Date: 20 Jan 1931 - 27 Jun 1931


Typescript for WSC's statement (20 January, Press Association, London), entitled "The Indian Conference" on the difference between public opinion and the Round Table Conference on India, and concessions to India. Published: Complete Speeches V pp 4945 - 4946.

Speech notes by WSC (27 June, Chancellor's Address, Degree Conferment Ceremony, Bristol University), entitled "War Debts" on the moratorium proclaimed by the United States on war debts, and the harmful effects of reparations. Written on a print of the Arthur Stemp Memorial Lecture (29 January, Bristol University) by John Drinkwater. Published: Complete Speeches V pp 5052 - 5053 (part).

Speech notes for WSC's speech (30 January, Free Trade Hall, Manchester), entitled "India" on the Labour Government's Indian policy, Mahatma Gandhi's victory, and Britain's duty to govern India. Also includes press cuttings from the Daily Mail. Published: Complete Speeches V pp 4966 - 4971.

Speech notes and typescript for WSC's speech (23 February, Winchester House, Epping, Essex), entitled "A Seditious Middle Temple Lawyer" on WSC's withdrawal from the Conservative Business Committee and opposition to giving India Dominion status, which includes the phrase "Mr Gandhi, ... now posing as a fakir of a type well-known in the East, striding half-naked up the steps of the Vice-regal palace". Published: Complete Speeches V pp 4982 - 4987.

Typescript for WSC's speech (? February, Epping) on Liberal and Labour election promises and the effects of the Labour Government on the economy, unemployment and the navy.

Speech notes and typescript for WSC's speeches (2 February, Philharmonic Hall, Liverpool), entitled "A Disease of Will Power" and (3 February, East Toxteth Division, Liverpool), entitled "Appeal to Liberals on Fiscal Question", on the Labour Government's weakness, unemployment, the need for a general tariff, the Trades Dispute Bill and India. Also includes a press cutting from the Times reporting the Philharmonic Hall speech. Published: Complete Speeches V pp 4971 - 4973, 4973 - 4974.

Speech notes and typescript for WSC's speech and broadcast (5 March, Rectorial Address, Edinburgh University, Scotland), entitled "The Present Decline of Parliamentary Government in Great Britain" on the decline of Parliament's status, the press losing its role as a political forum, and the need for a non-political economic sub-parliament and a greater role for local government. Published: Complete Speeches V pp 4987 - 4990.






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