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Date: 16 Mar 1931 - 22 Apr 1931


Typescript and print for WSC's speech (16 March, Select Committee on Procedure on Public Business) on Parliament as a focus and expression of national opinion, and its need for greater flexibility to free itself from routine business.

Speech notes for WSC's speech (26 March, Constitutional Club, London), entitled "The March of Events" on the Labour Government's Indian policy, the cotton trade and Britain's duty to govern India. Source material includes press cuttings on the Indian boycott of foreign cloth, and on the Government's handling of the Round Table Conference. Also includes press cuttings reporting the speech. Published: Complete Speeches V pp 5010 - 5013.

Speech notes and typescript for WSC's speech (18 March, Albert Hall, London), entitled "Our Duty in India" on Conservative support for the Government's Indian policy, the campaign against surrendering to Mahatma Gandhi, Britain's duty to save the Indian people from the Brahmins, tension between Hindus and Moslems, and the need to protect the untouchables. Published: Complete Speeches V pp 5003 - 5009.

Speech notes and typescript for WSC's speech (22 April, Junior Imperial League Rally, Chingford, Essex), entitled "India" on the next election, the power of the press, the Labour Government's record and policy on India. Published: Complete Speeches V pp 5013 - 5016.





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