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Date: Aug 1946 - Apr 1955


1. Photographs of WSC's installation as Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports, Aug 1946 [6] Daily Graphic Copyright Photographs of WSC's inspection of the Cinque Ports Battalion, Royal Sussex Regiment, Chartwell [Kent], Apr 1956 [3].

2. Photographs of WSC and Harry Truman, with 1st Lord Cherwell [earlier F A Lindemann], General Omar Bradley, 1st Lord Ismay, Dean Acheson, Sir Oliver Franks, Walter Gifford, Averell Harriman and Anthony Eden [later 1st Lord Avon], aboard the Presidential Yacht, Jan 1952 [7] From United States Department of Defence.

3. Photographs of WSC's visit to the Duchess of Kent, May 1948 [4] Taken by A Poklewski-Koziell.

4. Photographs of WSC and Queen Elizabeth II, with CSC and the Duke of Edinburgh, 10 Downing Street, 4 Apr 1955 [9].

5. Miscellaneous photographs, 1946-53 including photograph of WSC speaking at the Massachussets Institute of Technology, Mar 1949; WSC, CSC and Mary Soames at Bertram Mills Circus, June 1948, photographs of WSC at Conservative Party Conference, Earls Court, London, Oct 1949 [3]; photograph of WSC, CSC and Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru at 28 Hyde Park Gate, May 1949 and WSC and CSC at the funeral of Admiral of the Fleet 1st Lord Keyes, Westminster Abbey, Jan 1946 [16].

6. Photographs of WSC's visit to the 4th Queens Own Hussars, Germany, May 1956 [15] Crown Copyright.

7. Photographs of WSC's retirement as Prime Minister, leaving 10 Downing Street, Apr 1955 [10] Keystone Press.

8. Photographs of WSC with Count Sforza, Alcide Di Gasperi, and the Italian Ambassador to Britain, at 28 Hyde Park Gate, Mar 1951 [4] Associated Press.

9. Photographs and postcards sent to WSC, mainly photos of WSC at Parrot Jungle, Miami, Florida,1946 [17].

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Churchill Archives Centre holds other collections which include photographs of WSC: "Churchill Press Photographs" (see CHPH); the "Broadwater Collection" (see BRDW); and section 4 of "Other Deposited Collections relating to Sir Winston Churchill" (see WCHL 4).

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