Personal: Presscuttings pamphlets and souvenirs.

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Date: 1895 - 1954


1-34 Folder of assorted newspaper cuttings, including cutting from Lloyds Weekly Newspaper on the death of Lord Randolph Churchill, 1895; cartoon from the Sydney Bulletin, of WSC and John Bull batting against Hitler and Goering captioned "They'll never get them out", 1944; cutting from "The Builder", article on Chartwell, 1945; presscuttings on WSC's "Iron Curtain" speech at Fulton, Missouri, United States, Mar 1946;.

35-44 Pamphlets, including; The Golden Jubilee Book of the Daily Mail, 1896-1946; Black and White War Album - Soudan Nos 1-2, Omdurman Atbara, by Rene Bull, 1898;.

45-146 Souvenirs and photographs, including letter from Sarah, Duchess of Marlborough to Mr Wise, on the Duke's return; colour print of John, 1st Duke of Marlborough, by J Chapman, 1801; letter from Dorothy L Sayers to WSC, Dec 1940, enclosing poem - The Burden of Ireland; Orders of Service for Thanksgiving Services for Victory in Europe, at St Paul's Cathedral, London, and St Margaret's Church, Westminster; Order of Service for marriage of Mary Churchill and Christopher Soames, 1947; Christmas cards from Lord and Lady Mountbatten, and Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands, Princess Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh, and King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, 1945-48.

147-152 Newspapers including copy of the Daily Graphic, and The Sphere, 12 Sep 1908, featuring the wedding of WSC and CSC 153-167 Bundle of newspapers, inclding copies of De Spectator, June 1946, on WSC's visit to the Netherlands; and copy of "The Times" from WSC's 80th birthday, 30 Nov 1954.

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CHUR 1/104D/150 "The Daily Graphic: Mr Churchill's Wedding Day" 12 Sep 1908