Personal: Business and Financial: Recovery of Churchill Papers from Peter Eaton Limited Bookseller.

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Date: Jun 1950 - Dec 1964


Includes original material (and photocopies of it) recovered [from Peter Eaton Limited bookseller). This comprises: notes and correspondence relating to the composition of WSC's history of the Second World War; letters from Raymond Daniell and Theodore Bernstein of the New York Times; a note from Charles Wood [former literary assistant to WSC]; a letter from Anthony Moir of Fladgate and Company; a note from Graham Dixon about the [Chartwell] Literary Trust; and a photocopy of a pamphlet on WSC's visit to the Bicton [Shropshire] Constitutional Fete.

Also includes a photograph of WSC with [George] Gordon Allen and ?Denis Kelly.




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Open except for folios 1, 14-31 which have been closed on grounds of data protection for 75 years due to the presence of sensitive information about named individuals. Open date: 1 January 2040.

Physical: 1 file (45 loose folios)
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