Personal: Family etc.: Correspondence Churchill, Pamela - Z.

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Date: Feb 1954 - Nov 1964


Correspondents include: Pamela Churchill [later Pamela Harriman] on family news (3); Randolph Churchill (18) on subjects including best wishes on Blenheim Day, a law suit against Private Eye concerning a cartoon about the official biography of WSC written by Randolph, Winston Churchill's marriage to Minnie D'Erlanger [later Minnie Churchill] and financial provisions for Winston; Sally Churchill (2); Christopher Booker, editor of Private Eye; "Dickie" [1st Lord] Mountbatten [of Burma]; Winston Churchill (23) on various subjects including his time at Oxford University, financial arrangements made by WSC, his visit to Omdurman [Sudan]; Edwina Sandys; Nicholas Manistry [Solicitor to WSC]; Celia Sandys (2); Julian Sandys (4); Charlotte Soames; Christopher Soames (2); and Mary Soames [earlier Mary Churchill] (5) on subjects including the health of CSC and her finances; Emma Soames; Jeremy Soames (3); and Anthony Moir of Fladgate and Company [Solicitor to WSC] on gifts to the family and the Chartwell Literary Trust (4).

Also includes:notes and copies of correspondence from Anthony Montague Browne [Private Secretary to WSC], Doreen Pugh [Secretary to WSC], Gillian Maturin [Secretary to WSC] and Grace Hamblin [Secretary to WSC]; copies of an article by Randolph Churchill on Lord Killearn [earlier Sir Miles Lampson]; a statement by Randolph Churchill on a car accident; copies of letters from Randolph to [John] Selwyn Lloyd, Foreign Secretary, and to 1st Lord Ismay; copies of articles by Winston Churchill in Cherwell [the Oxford University Student Magazine] and "My Desert Adventure" in the Sunday Express.




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CHUR 1/136/234-235 Letter from Mary [Lady Soames, earlier Mary Churchill] ((Hamsell Manor, Eridge Green, Near Tunbridge Wells [Kent]) to "Papa" [WSC] thanking him for a cheque "the fruit of your thoughts and labours" and for his love; for making solid arrangements for his children and grandchildren ("it is truly a 'house' whose strong walls have been built - every brick- by your genius and unceasing toil"); and for her family's home. She ends "I wish I could express more adequately my love and gratitude - but please believe me, they are real and deep; and in addition to all the feelings a daughter has for a loving, generous father, I owe you what every Englishman, woman & child does - Liberty itself". Signed manuscript. 08 Jun 1964