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Date: Jan 1965 - May 1965


Includes messages of condolence on WSC's death from individuals and organisations including: Sir David Trench, Governor and Commander in Chief in Hong Kong; Sir John Stow, Governor General of Barbados; Sir John Field, Governor and Commander in Chief of St Helena; Sir Richard Luyt, Governor and Commander in Chief of Guiana; Sir Ralph Grey, Commander in Chief of the Bahamas; Sir John Rennie, Governor and Commander in Chief of Mauritius; Sir John Paul, Governor General in the Gambia; David Floyd Ewin, Registrar and Receiver of St Paul's Cathedral [London]; Sir Randle Feilden; John [10th Duke of Marlborough]; and Sir [John] Nicholas Henderson [Private Secretary to Foreign Secretary].

Also includes copies of letters of thanks from CSC to those involved in the organisation of the funeral; notes and copies of correspondence from Anthony Montague Browne [former Private Secretary to WSC], Doreen Pugh [former secretary to WSC]; a copy of the resolution of sympathy passed by the House of Representatives in the United States; and a list of the people involved in the organisation of the funeral.

Other subjects covered by the file include the commissioning of commemorative medallions.

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