Personal: Visits and Invitations: France, A, B.

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Date: Sep 1955 - Apr 1963


Correspondents include: representatives of the Alliance Insurance Company on insurance for WSC's car; W White of the Automobile Association on arrangements for transporting WSC's cars to France (3); Roger Bertholier, Joint Manager of the Banque Nationale pour le commerce et l'industrie on WSC's bank account (20); Anthony Moir [WSC's solicitor]; Sir Alfred Chester Beatty; "Max" Lord Beaverbrook [earlier Maxwell Aitken]; R C Flanders of C T Bowring and Company Limited on arrangements to insure a Rolls Royce car for WSC (7); [2nd Lord] Kenilworth [earlier Charles Siddeley], President of the British-American Queen Victoria Memorial Hospital in Nice [France] (2); and various representatives of the Foreign Office on arrangements for WSC's visits including Wolstan Weld-Forester, Consul-General at Nice, Richard Langridge, David Muirhead and Gerald Stockley Consul-General at Nice.

Also includes notes and copies of correspondence from Anthony Montague Browne [Private Secretary to WSC], Doreen Pugh [Secretary to WSC] and Gillian Maturin [Secretary to WSC].

Other subjects covered by the file include requests from the press for statements from WSC.

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