Personal: Visits and Invitations: Cruises in Yacht Christina.

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Date: Feb 1960 - May 1961


Correspondents include: Sir Harold Caccia, British Ambassador to the United States; Jack Howard-Drake [Private Secretary to Secretary of State for the Colonies]; 1st Lord Hailes [earlier Patrick Buchan-Hepburn, Governor General and Commander in Chief of the West Indies] (2); Frank Sinatra inviting WSC to see his film "Can Can"; Randolph Churchill on subjects including the health of Diana [Sandys, earlier Diana Churchill and Diana Bailey] (2); John [10th] Duke of Marlborough; Diana Sandys; Marjorie, Lady Brecknock on fund-raising; [James] Cameron Tudor; Sir Edward Beetham, Governor and Commander in Chief of Trinidad and Tobago; Sarah [Beauchamp, earlier Sarah Churchill and Sarah Oliver, later Sarah, Lady Audley]; Spyros Skouras, President off Twentieth Century Fox; Ian Turbott, Administrator of Antigua on WSC's itinerary (2); Enid, Lady Kenmare; Alec Lovelace, Administrator of Dominica; and Garnet Gordon, High Commissioner for the West Indies (3).

Also includes: notes and copies of correspondence from Anthony Montague Browne [Private Secretary to WSC], Doreen Pugh [Secretary to WSC], John Colville [former Private Secretary to WSC] and copies of correspondence from CSC.

Other subjects covered by the file include: arrangements with Aristotle Onassis for the cruises; arrangements for foreign currency and travelling; requests for interviews with WSC; and correspondence welcoming WSC .




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