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Date: Jan 1949 - Aug 1950


Correspondents include: Hugh Newman on butterflies at Chartwell [Kent] (4); Sir Alexander Roger (2) and Colin Coote [Managing Editor of the Daily Telegraph and the Morning Post] (6) on procuring brandy for WSC; Frederic Bates, Chairman of Cunard White Star Limited; Douglas Parbury on fish for ponds at Chartwell (8); Anthony Moir of Fladgate and Company [WSC's solicitor] (4); representatives of Anthony Juer Lighting Limited on studio lighting (4); Frank Juler on WSC's eyesight; Christopher Purnell, Secretary and Librarian, London Library, on lost books (2); representatives of Nicholl, Manisty and Few [WSC's solicitors] (4); A J Lamb of Patterson Engineering Company on installing a pump at Chartwell (4); Sir William Rootes; Willy Sax on paint orders; representatives of Vickers, da Costa and Company (4) and Charles Spicer, Manager of the Grosvenor Gardens Branch of the Westminster Bank (4) on WSC's investments; Hugh Wontner [President of the Savoy Hotel, London]. Also includes notes and copies of correspondence from: secretaries Jo Sturdee ("N S") [later Lady Onslow], Chips Gemmell, Elizabeth Gilliatt, Jane Portal [later Lady Williams of Elvel], Lettice Marston [later Lettice Shillingford], and Maud Stanley; Christopher Soames and CSC.

Other subjects include: purchasing various items, including bees, champagne, horses, books, and underwear; WSC's cars; public house legislation; travel arrangements; binding copies of Hansard; reproducing and framing photographs; matters concerning various trusts; office equipment; WSC's racing colours.

Also includes: later file note indicating the removal of material from the file to Hyde Park Gate [WSC's London house]; photographs of Chartwell, fishing, and WSC playing polo; Cunard report and accounts for 1948; pond plans; hotel and paint bills; copy of the New York Herald Tribune; swatches of material in WSC's racing colours; breakdown of wine and spirits consumption; Soundscriber [dictation machine] discs.





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CHUR 1/21/274 A SIDE 1 Soundscriber recording Mar 1950
CHUR 1/21/274 B SIDE 1 Soundscriber recording Mar 1950