Personal: Chartwell: National Trust luncheon.

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Date: May 1947 - Feb 1948


Includes acceptances and refusals for a luncheon held at Chartwell on 25 July 1947 (postponed from 11 July) from various invitees and their private secretaries: Sir James Caird (3); Sir Edward Peacock (3); Sir Edward Mountain (3); 2nd Lord Glendyne [earlier Sir John Nivison] (3); Sir James Lithgow and Gwendolyn, Lady Lithgow (3); J Arthur Rank (3); 1st Lord Catto [Governor of Bank of England] (3); 2nd Lord Bearsted [earlier Lord Samuel] (3); 1st Lord Kenilworth [earlier Sir John Siddeley] and Sara, Lady Kenilworth (4); 1st Lord Leathers (3); 1st Lord Bicester [earlier Vivian Smith] (4); Sir Hugo Cunliffe-Owen (3); 1st Lord Nuffield [earlier Sir William Morris] and "Lilian" [Elizabeth], Lady Nuffield (4); "Jimmy Dollie" [James de Rothschild]; Colonel Sir Frederick Stewart (3); 1st Lord Portal [of Laverstoke, earlier Sir Wyndham Portal] and "Rosemary" [Louise], Lady Portal [earlier Lady Louise Cairns] (2); 1st Lord Camrose [earlier Sir William Berry]. Also includes notes and copies of correspondence on arrangements from secretaries Lettice Marston [later Lettice Shillingford], Jo Sturdee ("N S") [later Lady Onslow], and Christine Taylor.




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