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Date: 07 Jul 1945 - 07 Oct 1947


Correspondents include: Frances, Duchess of Marlborough, on Lord Randolph Churchill's last illness and death (1894-1895) (2); Mary, Duchess of Marlborough [earlier Mary, Lady Blandford] (3); Mary Churchill [later Mary Soames], on subjects including WSC's election defeat (6); Sir Desmond Morton [Personal Assistant to WSC] on WSC's writing career; Lilah Assanti O'Brien; Sarah Oliver ("Mule") [earlier Sarah Churchill, later Sarah Beauchamp, then Sarah, Lady Audley] on subjects including John S Churchill's death and her film work (14); Victor Oliver; CSC (2); Randolph Churchill on subjects including his lecture tour of the United States and his hopes for a political career (26); Julian Sandys (3); Diana Sandys [earlier Diana Churchill, later Diana Bailey] (3); Duncan Sandys (2); Clare Sheridan on subjects including the Roosevelt Memorial and Oswald Birley's portrait of WSC (13); Christopher Soames on subjects including the political situation and living at Chartwell [Kent] (7); Lady Victoria Villiers; Diana, Vicomtesse de la Valdene, earlier Diana Guest; Winston Churchill (5).

Also includes: typescripts of Randolph Churchill's broadcasts in the United States on preventing another war and the state of Europe; press cuttings on Randolph Churchill's lecture tour; an article by Randolph Churchill on emigration to Australia; a summary of Duncan Sandys's wartime memoirs.




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