Personal: Family etc.: correspondence A - Churchill, Lady C (CSC).

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Date: 26 Oct 1951 - Apr 1955


Correspondents include: Consuelo Balsan [earlier Consuelo, Duchess of Marlborough] on her memoirs, "The Glitter and the Gold", including her criticism of Henry Asquith [1st Lord Oxford and Asquith] and Margot Asquith [Margot, Lady Oxford and Asquith] (9); Cass Canfield, Chairman of Harper and Brothers, Publishers (2); Sarah Beauchamp, "Mule" [earlier Sarah Churchill, then Sarah Oliver, later Sarah, Lady Audley], on subjects including Oscar Nemon's sculpture of WSC, the death of Queen Mary and WSC's health (29); Antony Beauchamp on subjects including WSC appearing on television, criticism of WSC being too old to be Prime Minister, the attitude of the United States to Britain and WSC's plans for world peace (7); CSC on subjects including appointing Duncan Sandys as Secretary of State for War, WSC's improving health, President Dwight Eisenhower and relations with the United States, and Chartwell [Kent] (54); Christopher Soames.

Other subjects include: staffing at Chartwell; MP's salaries; racing.

Also includes: the foreword to Consuelo Balsan's memoirs; the typescript of a speech by CSC for the opening of the Professional Nurses and Midwives Conference.






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