Personal: Family etc.: correspondence Churchill A - C.

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Date: 04 Mar 1955 - 31 Aug 1958


Correspondents include: Arabella Churchill (4); CSC on subjects including WSC's work on volume 1 of ["A History of the English-Speaking Peoples"], her visit to Ceylon [later Sri Lanka], the Suez Canal [Egypt], family affairs, Chartwell [Kent], WSC's painting and the death of 1st Lord Bracken (91); Diana Sandys [earlier Diana Churchill, then Diana Bailey] (2); Mary Soames [earlier Mary Churchill] (3); Max Rosenheim [Director, Medical Unit, University College Hospital Medical School]; Sarah Beauchamp ("Mule") [earlier Sarah Churchill, then Sarah Oliver, later Sarah, Lady Audley] (5); Pamela, Lady Lytton [earlier Pamela Plowden] (2); Duncan Sandys; Randolph Churchill.

Other subjects include: the General Election; WSC's office; racing; the situation in the Middle East.





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