Personal: Family: Illness, South of France.

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Date: 19 Feb 1958 - 27 Mar 1958


Letters of sympathy on WSC's illness, correspondents including: Herbert Evatt, Leader of the Opposition, Australia; Winston Churchill; Duncan Sandys; Paul-Henri Spaak [Secretary-General, NATO]; Alan Hodge; Bernard Baruch (2); Harold Macmillan [later 1st Lord Stockton] and Dorothy Macmillan; Diana Sandys [earlier Diana Churchill, later Diana Bailey]; Pamela, Lady Lytton [earlier Pamela Plowden]; June Churchill and Arabella Churchill; Lady Violet Bonham Carter [earlier Violet Asquith and Violet, Lady Bonham Carter, later Lady Asquith of Yarnbury]; John Morrison [later 1st Lord Margadale]; Robert Menzies [Prime Minister of Australia]; Averell Harriman [Governor of New York, United States]; Sir Norman Brook [later 1st Lord Normanbrook] and Mary, Lady Brook [later Mary, Lady Normanbrook]; Jack Billmeir and Anne Billmeir; Sir Hartley Shawcross; Sir William Robson-Brown; Douglas Fairbanks [junior] and Mary Lee Fairbanks; Stavros Niarchos; William Deakin; Dwight Eisenhower, President of the United States; R A Butler; Graham Sutherland and [? Kathleen] Sutherland]; Sir Tom O'Brien; Hope, Lady Dynevor [earlier Hope Rhys] and 8th Lord Dynevor [earlier Charles Rhys]; 2nd Lord Camrose [earlier Seymour Berry]; Herbert Haseltine and Madeleine Haseltine; Sir Chester Beatty; Rene Coty, President of France; Herbert Morrison [later Lord Morrison of Lambeth]; 1st Lord Portal of Hungerford and Joan, Lady Portal; Haile Selassie, Emperor of Ethiopia [earlier Abyssinia]; Clare Sheridan; John Peck [former Private Secretary to WSC]; 1st Lord Attlee and Violet, Lady Attlee; Pope Pius XII; Ismet Inonu [Leader of the Opposition, Turkey]; Nawab Sir Malik Khizar Hayat Tiwana; Francisco de Assis Chateaubriand, Brazilian Ambassador to Great Britain; 2nd Lord Russell of Liverpool; 1st Lord Alanbrooke [earlier Sir Alan Brooke]; Lewis Douglas; John Dulles [Secretary of State, United States]; Sir Clifton Webb [High Commissioner for New Zealand in the United Kingdom]; Habib Bourguiba, President, Tunisian Republic; Pamela Churchill [later Pamela Harriman]; Georges Catroux; Celia Sandys; Harold Macmillan [Prime Minister, later 1st Lord Stockton] and Hugh Gaitskell [Leader of the Labour Party]; Kasim Gulek, Secretary-General of the People's Republic Party, Turkey; Lord Hailes [earlier Patrick Buchan-Hepburn] and Diana, Lady Hailes [earlier Diana Buchan-Hepburn]; 1st Lord Bledisloe [earlier Charles Bathurst]; Richard Nixon, Vice-President of the United States; 1st Lord Bracken; Emma Soames; Lady Juliet Duff; Sir Harry Brittain; Max Aitken; Paul Reynaud; Edwina Sandys; Sarah Beauchamp [earlier Sarah Churchill, then Sarah Oliver, later Sarah, Lady Audley]; Clarissa Eden [later Clarissa, Lady Avon]; Sir Patrick Hennessy.




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