Personal: Family etc.: Fall, London.

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Date: 16 Nov 1960 - 12 Dec 1960


Letters of sympathy on WSC's back injury, correspondents including: Martin Redmayne [Government Chief Whip]; Harold Macmillan [Prime Minister, later 1st Lord Stockton]; Clare Sheridan; Katsumi Ohno, Japanese Ambassador to Great Britain; Tunku Abdul Rahman, Prime Minister of Malaya [later Malaysia]; Lord Hailes [earlier Patrick Buchan-Hepburn] and Diana, Lady Hailes [earlier Diana Buchan-Hepburn]; Bernard Baruch; Al-Haj Nawab, Sir Sadiq Mohammad, Ameer of Bahawalpur [Pakistan]; Aristotle Onassis; John Diefenbaker [Prime Minister of Canada]; Herbert Evatt, Chief Justice of New South Wales; Odette Pol Roger; Queen Elizabeth II; "Ike" [Dwight Eisenhower, President of the United States]; Sir Norman Brook [later 1st Lord Normanbrook]; Jack Billmeir and Anne Billmeir; Senator John F Kennedy; Pamela Hayward [earlier Pamela Churchill, later Pamela Harriman]; Lord Shawcross (2); Francis Brittorous [Chairman, Northwest Hampshire Conservative Association]; R A Butler; Sir John Smyth, Chairman, the Victoria Cross Association; Christine, Lady Oliphant [earlier Christine, Lady Churchill]; Robert Menzies [Prime Minister of Australia]; Margot Arias [Dame Margot Fonteyn] and Roberto Arias [Panamanian Ambassador to Great Britain]; Celia Sandys; Domini, Lady Crosfield; Emanuel Shinwell; Konrad Adenauer, Chancellor of West Germany; Adriana Santa Cruz [wife of Victor Santa Cruz, Chilean Ambassador to Great Britain]; Mary, Lady Brook [later Mary, Lady Normanbrook]; "Betty", Admiral Harold Stark; Lady Violet Bonham Carter [earlier Violet Asquith and Violet, Lady Bonham Carter, later Lady Asquith of Yarnbury]; 1st Lord Kilmuir, Lord Chancellor [earlier David Fyfe]; Josephine Baker; 2nd Lord Russell of Liverpool and Alix, Lady Russell; Graeme Finlay, Conservative MP for Epping [Essex]; Alan Hodge; Paul Reynaud; Paul Maze; Sir Cyril Black [Conservative MP for Wimbledon, London]; Thomas Joy, General Manager, Army and Navy Stores Limited; Nawab Sir Malik Khizar Hayat Tiwana; Lewis Douglas; Arabella Churchill; Arthur Sulzberger, Publisher, New York Times; Sir Patrick Hennessy, 9th Lord de la Warr [earlier Lord Buckhurst] and John Colville [former Principal Private Secretary to WSC]; Prince Hasan Ben el Mehdi, Moroccan Ambassador to Great Britain].

Also includes: bulletins issued to the press on WSC's condition.




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