Personal: Family etc.: Fall, South of France: Letters and telegrams.

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Date: 28 Jun 1962 - 29 Aug 1962


Letters of sympathy on WSC's fall, correspondents including: "Betty" Admiral Harold Stark (2); "Monty" [1st Lord Montgomery of Alamein]; CSC; Christopher Dunn; Randolph Churchill; Sir Harry Hylton-Foster, Speaker of the House of Commons; Odette Pol Roger (2); Sarah, Lady Audley [earlier Sarah Churchill, then Sarah Oliver, then Sarah Beauchamp] (2) and 23rd Lord Audley [earlier Thomas Tuchet-Jesson]; Sir Hugh Tudor; Queen Elizabeth II; 2nd Lord Rothermere [earlier Esmond Harmsworth]; Harold Macmillan, Prime Minister [later 1st Lord Stockton]; "Ike" [Dwight Eisenhower]; Thomas Macdonald, High Commissioner for New Zealand; 1st Lord Attlee and Violet, Lady Attlee; Alan Hodge and Jane Hodge; Averell Harriman; 16th Lord Dalhousie [earlier Lord Ramsay, Governor-General, Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland, later Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi]; Konrad Adenauer, Chancellor of West Germany; Arabella Churchill (2); Duncan Sandys; 1st Lord Avon [earlier Anthony Eden] (3) and Clarissa, Lady Avon [earlier Clarissa Spencer-Churchill, then Clarissa Eden]; Ismet Inonu [Prime Minister of Turkey]; Charles de Gaulle [President of France]; Sir Berkeley Ormerod and Beatrice, Lady Ormerod; Mary Soames [earlier Mary Churchill]; Sir Edward Spears; Lady Violet Bonham Carter [earlier Violet Asquith and Violet, Lady Bonham Carter, later Lady Asquith of Yarnbury] (3); [Stafford Somerfield], Editor, News of the World; 1st Lord De L'Isle [Governor-General of Australia, earlier William Sidney, and 6th Lord De L'Isle and Dudley] and Jacqueline, Lady De L'Isle [earlier Jacqueline Sidney and Jacqueline, Lady De L'Isle and Dudley]; Desmond Flower, Chairman, Cassell and Company Limited (2); Sir Leslie Rowan and Catherine, Lady Rowan; Robert James, Headmaster, Harrow School; [? General Sir Lashmer Whistler], Colonel, Royal Sussex Regiment; Nicholas Soames; Robert Menzies [Prime Minister of Australia]; Prince Pierre de Monaco; Sir Philip Morris [Vice-Chancellor, Bristol University]; Sir John Cockcroft, Master, Churchill College [Cambridge]; Sir John Smyth, Chairman, Victoria Cross Association; Neil Shields, Chairman, London Conservative Union; Diana Sandys [earlier Diana Churchill, then Diana Bailey]; Konstantinos Karamanlis, Prime Minister of Greece; 10th Duke of Marlborough [earlier Lord Blandford]; 1st Lord Portal of Hungerford; Sir Frederick Hoare, Lord Mayor of London (2); Albert Robinson, High Commissioner, Rhodesia and Nyasaland [later Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi]; 5th Lord Salisbury [earlier Lord Cranborne] and Elizabeth, Lady Salisbury [earlier Elizabeth, Lady Cranborne]; Ronald Grierson; Manuel Prado, President of Peru; King Michael of Rumania; Katsumi Ohno; Paul Reynaud; Baron Lothar Wimmer; 1st Lord Head, High Commissioner for Nigeria, and Dorothea, Lady Head (2); Haile Selassie, Emperor of Abyssinia [later Ethiopia]; Stavros Niarchos and Eugenie Niarchos; Pamela Hayward [earlier Pamela Churchill, later Pamela Harriman] (2); Pamela, Lady Lytton [earlier Pamela Plowden] (3); "Pug" [1st Lord Ismay]; John Peck [former Assistant Private Secretary to WSC]; Reverend John Tredennick; Celia Sandys; John Diefenbaker, Prime Minister of Canada; John Profumo (2); "Sunny", Lord Blandford [later 11th Duke of Marlborough] and Athina, Lady Blandford; Sir Isaac Wolfson and Edith, Lady Wolfson; Sir Sadiq Mohammed, Ameer of Bahawalpur [Pakistan]; Agatha, Lady Hindlip; Sir Tom O'Brien; David Pitblado; Lady Juliet Duff; 1st Lord Alexander of Tunis; Frank Salisbury; Peter Mennell, British Consulate, Cleveland, Ohio [United States]; Anthony Nutting; A L Rowse; Vivien, Lady Olivier [Vivien Leigh] (3); Kenneth Ward; Heinrich von Brentano; Sir Norman Brook [later 1st Lord Normanbrook] and Mary, Lady Brook [later Mary, Lady Normanbrook] (2); Hugh Frewen; King Idris of Libya; Harry S Truman; King Hussein of Jordan; President Tubman of Liberia; Sir Pierson Dixon [British Ambassador to France]; 1st Lord Hailes [earlier Patrick Buchan-Hepburn, Governor-General and Commander- in-Chief, West Indies] on the political situation in the West Indies (2); John F Kennedy, President of the United States; 1st Lord Monsell [earlier Bolton Eyres-Monsell]; 1st Lord Chandos [earlier Oliver Lyttelton]; Anita King [earlier Anita Leslie]; Diana de la Valdene [earlier Diana Guest]; Lord Fraser of Lonsdale; Horatia Seymour; Kathleen, Lady Epstein; Sir Leslie Hollis; Princess Marthe Bibesco; Sir Patrick Hannon; Charles Eade; Peregrine Churchill and Yvonne Churchill; 6th Lord Onslow and Jo, Lady Onslow [earlier Jo Sturdee, Private Secretary to WSC]; Arthur Sulzberger.

Also includes: a letter from WSC's accountant (1948); a photograph of the Frewen family; a copy of "Sir Winston Churchill as a Historian" by A L Rowse.




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