Personal: Visits and invitations: Aix-en-Provence [France], Monte Carlo [Monaco], (August-October 1948): arrangements etc.

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Date: 05 Aug 1948 - 29 Oct 1948


Correspondents on WSC's visits to Aix and Monte Carlo include: John Snedaker, Business Manager, Time-Life International (4); CSC (3); Christopher Soames; "Bernie" [Bernard Baruch]; William Deakin [WSC's literary assistant].

Also includes: bills and accounts of travel expenses; telegrams between WSC's secretaries, Lettice Marston, Elizabeth Gilliatt and Jo Sturdee [later Lady Onslow], between London and France; baggage lists, including letters and lists of proofs for ["The Second World War"]; notes by WSC on ["The Battle of France", Volume 2, Book 3 of "The Second World War"].




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