Personal: Visits and invitations: Aix-en-Provence [France], Monte Carlo [Monaco] (August - October 1948): A - H.

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Date: 05 Jul 1948 - 31 Oct 1948


Correspondents on WSC's visit to Aix and Monte Carlo include: Ava, Lady Anderson [earlier Ava Wigram, later Ava, Lady Waverley] offering accommodation (2); Edward, Duke of Windsor [earlier Edward, Prince of Wales, and Edward VIII]; CSC (4); Robert Boothby; Comtesse de Geoffre de Chabrignac; 1st Lord Cherwell [earlier F A Lindemann]; Sylvia Churchill; William Deakin [WSC's literary assistant] (3); representatives of Thomas Cook and Son Limited on travel arrangements (18); G Ritleng, representative of Wagon-Lits/Cook on travel arrangements (6); Prince Dzambulat Dzanty, United Caucasian Federal Movement (4); Walter Graebner [London representative of Time-Life International] on travel arrangements and ["The Second World War"] (11).

Other subjects include: WSC's trans-Atlantic flights; invitations, gifts and requests for interviews and autographs.

Also includes: 2 issues of le Petit Marseillais, celebrating French and British relations, including an article by Andre Maurois (1938); a pamphlet on the tapestries of Aix Cathedral; prints of 1st Duke of Marlborough.





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