Personal: Visits and invitations: Italy (July - September 1949) A - J.

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Date: 27 May 1949 - 15 Nov 1949


Correspondents on WSC's visit to Gardone (Lake Garda), Carezza and Strasbourg [France] include: "Max" [1st Lord Beaverbrook, earlier Sir William Aitken] (2); "R B" [Robert Boothby]; representatives of Thomas Cook and Son Limited on travel arrangements (8); William Deakin; Charles Erith, on his support for WSC's policies (9); Johannes Geisler, Prince-Bishop of [?] South Tyrol [Italy]; Manfred Agostini, Director, Grand Hotel, Gardone Riviera (6); Naomi Jacob.

Other subjects include: invitations, gifts and requests for autographs and interviews.

Also includes: a press cutting from Everybody's on the need to change attitudes towards Germany; a copy of "L'Absolutisme" by Robert France; lists of gifts received by WSC; a copy of "The Growth of the Belgian Nation" by Jan-Albert Goris; a press cutting from the Christian Science Monitor on Western unity.





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