Personal: Visits and invitations: Madeira (January 1950) A - G.

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Date: 18 Nov 1949 - 29 Mar 1950


Correspondents on WSC's visit to Madeira include: "Bill", 1st Lord Camrose [earlier Sir William Berry, Chairman, Amalgamated Press] on subjects including the serialisation of ["The Second World War"] (2); CSC (4); Barry Aikman, Managing Director, Aquila Airways Limited (4); Marshal Antonio Carmona [President of Portugal] welcoming WSC to Madeira; Arthur Christiansen, [Editor] Daily Express, on the use of Daily Express cartoons by the Conservative Party; Duncan Sandys; R Mullins, Manager, Blandy Brothers and Company Limited, Bankers, on funds for WSC's visit.

Other subjects include: General Sir Henry Pownall's contributions to ["The Second World War"]; payments and reproduction rights for ["The Second World War"]; gifts, invitations and travel arrangements.

Also includes: baggage lists, including lists of letters and proofs of ["The Second World War"], volumes 3 and 4; telegrams between WSC's secretaries, Jo Sturdee [later Lady Onslow], Elizabeth Gilliatt and Lettice Marston [later Lettice Shillingford]; pamphlets, "Peace through Culture", by Hernani Anjos, and the Gibraltar Diocesan Gazette; accounts of finances for the visit.




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