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Date: Nov 1945 - Oct 1950


Photographs of WSC and Mary Churchill [later Mary Soames] on visit to Brussels, Belgium, Nov 1945 [51 photos].

Photographs of WSC's visit to Strasbourg, France, August 1949 [13 photos].

Photographs of WSC, CSC and Mary Churchill's visit to Lausanne, Switzerland, Aug-Sep 1946 [36 photos].

Photographs of WSC and CSC's visit to Denmark, Oct 1950 [6 photos].

Photographs of Viking ship finds at Oseberg, Norway, [presumably presented to WSC during his visit to Norway, May 1948] [10 photos with booklet].

Photographs of WSC and CSC's visit to Paris, France, May 1947 [6 photos].

Photographs of WSC at dinner at the Waldorf Astoria, Mar 1946 [8 photos].

Photographs of WSC at ceremonial luncheon, Paris, Apr 1946 [5 photos].



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Churchill Archives Centre holds other collections which include photographs of WSC: "Churchill Press Photographs" (see CHPH); the "Broadwater Collection" (see BRDW); and section 4 of "Other Deposited Collections relating to Sir Winston Churchill" (see WCHL 4).

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