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Date: May 1945 - Jul 1945


Photographs of Allied Victory Parade, Berlin, Germany, July 1945 Includes photographs of WSC, Mary Churchill [later Lady Soames], Field Marshal Sir Bernard Montgomery, President Harry S Truman, General Dwight D Eisenhower, Clement Attlee, Field Marshal Sir Alan Brooke [later Lord Alanbrooke]; Anthony Eden [later Lord Avon], Admiral of the Fleet Sir Andrew Cunningham [34 items].

Photographs of WSC, Mary Churchill Anthony Eden, Field Marshal Sir Bernard Montgomery, Harry S Truman and Dwight D Eisewnhower touring Berlin, July 1945 [27 items].

Photographs of WSC, President Harry Truman and Marshal Stalin, [with Mary Churchill, Anthony Eden, James Byrnes, Clement Attlee, Ernest Bevin, Molotov, and others, Potsdam, July 1945 [24 items].

Photographs of the Potsdam Conference, showing all major participants, with good photo of General George C Marshall[20 items].

"VE" Portrait of WSC [? by Cecil Beaton], [17 copies].

Photograph of Victory in Europe celebrations in London, including WSC with the Royal Family at Buckingham Palace, the Victory Parade, Service of Thanksgiving at St Paul's Cathedral,crowd scenes in Westminster, and around Buckingham Palace [18 photos].

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Churchill Archives Centre holds other collections which include photographs of WSC: "Churchill Press Photographs" (see CHPH); the "Broadwater Collection" (see BRDW); and section 4 of "Other Deposited Collections relating to Sir Winston Churchill" (see WCHL 4).

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