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Date: Jan 1941 - 1949


Photograph of WSC inspecting Home Guard, Jan 1941.

Photograph of Private Mary Churchill [later Lady Soames], ATS [Auxiliary Territorial Service], 1941.

Photographs of WSC with United States politicians, May 1945 (2).

Photographs of WSC addressing Election Meeting, Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh, Jun 1945 (2).

Printed pamphlet "Churchill et la France", [in French] Nov 1945.

Photographs of WSC outside 10 Downing Street, Sep 1941 (11).

Photographs of WSC and Field Marshal Sir Bernard Montgomery at Alamein Reunion Dinner, Oct 1945 (11).

Photographs of WSC and CSC, on Election Tour in Woodford and ? Aylesbury, 1945 (20).

Photohtaphs of WSC in Woodford Constituency [? 1946] (10).

Photographs of WSC with Field Marshal Jan Smuts, in Normandy and London 1944 (2).

Photographs of WSC outside the Churchill Club, Westminster, Dec 1945 (2).

Photographs of The Map Room in the No.10 Annexe (3).

Photographs of presentation of the Grotius Medal to WSC, Guildhall, London, Mar 1949 (8).

Related material

Churchill Archives Centre holds other collections which include photographs of WSC: "Churchill Press Photographs" (see CHPH); the "Broadwater Collection" (see BRDW); and section 4 of "Other Deposited Collections relating to Sir Winston Churchill" (see WCHL 4).

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