Public and Political: General: Political: correspondence and papers on considerations before granting and the royal right to refuse a dissolution of parliament.

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Date: Mar 1950 - Oct 1951


Correspondents include: "Bobbety", 5th Lord Salisbury [earlier Robert Gascoyne Cecil and Lord Cranborne]; "Tommy", Sir Alan Lascelles [Private Secretary to King George VI] (7); Oliver Lyttelton [later 1st Lord Chandos] (2).

Also includes: copy of March 1932 memorandum by 9th Lord Bessborough [earlier Vere Ponsonby and Lord Duncannon, then Governor-General of Canada] on the 1926 Canadian dissolution dispute involving Governor-General 1st Lord Byng and Prime Minister Mackenzie King; sections 3 and 5 of the Meeting of Parliament Act 1797 on the effect of a demise of the Crown on a general election.




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