Public and Political: General: Political: correspondence with Anthony Eden [later 1st Lord Avon] and copies of broadcasts and speeches by him.

Reference code: CHUR 2/112

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Date: Feb 1950 - Oct 1951


Also includes notes and copies of correspondence from secretaries Jo Sturdee ("N S") [later Lady Onslow], Jane Portal [later Lady Williams of Elvel], and Lettice Marston [later Lettice Shillingford].

Subjects include: Eden thanking WSC for his support; attitudes to the Schuman Plan; "the Prof" [1st Lord Cherwell, earlier F A Lindemann]; the Korean War and co-operation with the United States; passing on a request for WSC to speak to a Midlands Rotary Club; Eden's US visit during summer 1951.

Also includes drafts, amendments and texts of broadcasts and speeches by Eden (6 February, 6 March, and 28 October 1950; 9 January and 19 October 1951) on subjects including the 1950 and 1951 election campaigns, communism, economic affairs, nationalisation, taxation, house building, and international affairs including Korea and the Far East, the Soviet Union, and Anglo-US relations.




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