Public and Political: General: Political: correspondence from Conservative Associations (including branches), constituencies, clubs and Young Conservatives, E-M.

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Date: Feb 1950 - Apr 1955


Correspondents include: Charles Taylor; various representatives of Conservative and Unionist Central Office particularly Richard Greville (31); Sir Eric Errington, Chairman, Executive Committee, of the National Union of Conservative and Unionist Associations (13); Colonel Patrick Blair, Political Secretary to Chairman of Unionist Party in Scotland; 1st Lord Glentoran [earlier Captain Herbert Dixon], President Ulster Unionist Council; Alan Gomme-Duncan; Christopher Soames; Joseph Godber [later Lord Godber of Willington]; [George] Richard Nugent [later Lord Nugent of Guildford]; Walter Loweth, Chairman, Hackney South [London] Conservative Association; Neil Shields, Chairman, Hampstead [London] Conservative Association (2); Lena [?Frewen]; Richard Wood [later Lord Holderness] (2); Sir Walter Monckton; Anthony Marlowe; Jocelyn Simon [later Lord Simon of Glaisdale]; James Thomas [later 1st Lord Cilcennin] (2); Douglas Marshall; Sir Joseph Nall, Chairman, Manchester Conservative Association; [John] Royston Moore, Honorary Secretary of the Manchester Conservative Teachers' Association; Edward Carson on WSC being offered the freedom of Margate [Kent]; Mrs N D Forbes, Honorary Secretary of Margate Conservative Association (4); Frank Markham. Also includes notes and copies of correspondence from: secretaries Elizabeth Gilliatt, Jane Portal [later Lady Williams of Elvel], R McHale, and Jo Sturdee ("N S") [later Lady Onslow]; Prime Minister's Private Secretaries Peter Oates, John Colville, Anthony Montague Browne, and David Hunt; CSC.

Subjects covered by the file include: requests for WSC to visit, provide messages, his signature, etc.; birthday and other greetings; local maters; national issues such as the salaries of MPs and public servants, the presentation of government policy, university parliamentary seats, defence and foreign policy, and government spending; naming buildings after WSC; the February 1950 election; the campaign for the Lord Rectorship of the University of Glasgow [Scotland]; visits to Chartwell [Kent]; a presentation for Alan Lennox-Boyd [later 1st Lord Boyd of Merton].

Also includes: message from WSC for a rally at Castle Ashby [Northamptonshire]; copies of Conservative Association and Young Conservatives' newsletters, magazines, etc.; various invitations and cuttings; Communist Party election material.






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