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Date: 13 May 1950 - 17 Feb 1959


Correspondents include: Ernest Marples, Postmaster General; Eugene Spier, on writing a history of the Focus luncheon meetings and combating the continuing influence of Hitler in Germany (7); Richard Greville, Personal Assistant to the Chairman, Conservative and Unionist Central Office (6); Edward Given, Foreign Office, on WSC's New Year message to Poland; Henry Price (2); Sir Clive Morrison-Bell on proportional representation; Julian Ridsdale; John Rodgers; George Beck, Bishop of Brentwood and Chairman, Catholic Education Council, on Catholic Voluntary schools (2); Philip [1st Lord Swinton, earlier Philip Cunliffe-Lister, earlier Philip Lloyd-Greame, President, National Union of Conservative and Unionist Associations] on subjects including Voluntary schools (4); R A Butler [Chancellor of the Exchequer] on Voluntary schools; "Fred" [1st Lord Woolton, earlier Frederick Marquis], Chairman, Conservative and Unionist Central Office, on Voluntary schools (2); Patrick Blair, Political Secretary to the Chairman, Unionist Party in Scotland, on the University of St Andrews Bill and the Scottish Unionist Association annual conference (11); W Larbalastier, Manager, Grand Hotel, Scarborough [Yorkshire] on WSC's stay [during the Conservative Party conference] (5); Maud, Lady Woolton [earlier Maud Marquis]; George Williamson, President, Scottish Unionist Association (2); James Stuart [later 1st Lord Stuart of Findhorn], Chairman, Unionist Party in Scotland, on the Party conference (4); Mary Valentin, Private Secretary to James Stuart, on the conference (5); Percy Cohen [Joint Director], Conservative Research Department; Sir Stephen Pierssene, General Director, Conservative and Unionist Central Office; Sir Geoffrey Shakespeare, Chairman, Executive Committee, National Liberal Council; 1st Lord Simon; Sir John Smyth; Guy Lloyd, MP for East Renfrewshire [Scotland]; Francois Charles-Roux, President, Suez Canal Company, on the Suez Crisis (2); Antony Beauchamp.

Other subjects include: PEP (Political and Economic Planning); films on the importance of television in politics; Conservative, Labour and Church positions on race relations; requests for WSC's autograph; strategic motorways.

Also includes: notes and copies of correspondence by Anthony Montague Browne and Christopher Soames, WSC's Private Secretaries; the new postage stamp issue; press cuttings, notes and the report of a public enquiry into a planning dispute in Wimbledon [London]; a report on the Pembrokeshire Conservative Association [Wales]; a telegram from a representative of Hungarian students appealing for protection [against the Soviet Army]; a press release and extracts from a speech by Harold Macmillan [later 1st Lord Stockton, Minister of Housing and Local Government] on Catholic Voluntary schools and the Catholic Church; statements by the Government and Catholic Hierarchy on legislation affecting Voluntary schools; travel and accommodation arrangements for WSC's attendance of the Conservative Party conference in Scarborough, and visit to the South of France (1952); a list of resolutions passed at the annual conference of the Scottish Unionist Association; notes on Australian voting practice and the 2nd Ballot; notes by Sir Geoffrey Shakespeare in reply to warmongering charges against WSC; a report of a speech by 1st Lord Simon on Persian oil; notes by Air Vice-Marshal Donald Stevenson, former Director of Home Operations, Air Staff, on the German invasion of Norway (1940) and the Battle of Britain; draft statements by the Minister of Defence [Anthony Head] and WSC on the Suez Crisis [Egypt]; volume 2 of the Suez Canal Company's account of the crisis; 1st Lord Swinton's reply to warmongering charges against WSC; the Hansard report on Swinton's speech on defence organisation (1955).





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